Floating lodge in Thailand comes from a concept that people lives in a tropical climate. Such climate can be too warm for people. In addition, there are several harmful creatures and annoying insects in the land more than on the water. Therefore, the locals think about building a house on the water. The local wisdom uses special kind of woods helping the house floated and durable. The water running underneath the accommodation cools down the temperature in the house and also less threats from in-land animals. They can also have plenty of water for consumption and use. People hence live comfortably and safely in their floating accommodation. There is also a plus for that. The scenery over the open river is far more beautiful than inland jungle.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts, the original floating hotel in Kanchanaburi, discovers the idea of floating livings. The hotel wishes to share the magical experience when you live right on the water to worldwide travellers. Since 1976, River Kwai jungle Rafts becomes a specialty floating hotel or floatel that well recognized by Tourism Authority of Thailand.