… Let the worries float away on the River Kwai at this tranquil jungle raft resort. Explore nearby caves and waterfalls via canoes or elephants and enjoy the thrilling yet peaceful surroundings. Guests are encouraged to get involved with the local Mon tribes, watch ritual dances, and partake in local customs

The above statement clearly tells us River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort’s entire concept. The hotel aims to attract travelers to ‘experience’ with us. Our floating hotel is not just a place to stay or sleep. It is a place or a destination to visit to witness, enjoy, learn and relax. The uniqueness of River Kwai Jungle Raft is not only the pure nature and fertile green vegetation, but also the beauty of authentic Mon culture.

We create an amazing thematic concept that brings you back to the basic living among the unspoiled nature. This unique floating accommodation hidden away from the crowds offers all floating guestrooms in a raft built from local bamboo and teakwood. The other facilities in our floatel are a restaurant, a cultural theater and a Thai relaxing massage raft are all floating. Our guests can visit traditional Mon village just in short walking distance towards the back of the resort. You may choose to tour the village and Mon school.

To conserve our concept since we opened in 1976 to maintain green environment, we rather keep this ideal concept and allow guests to live in a total hideaway. Since there is no electricity, please also note that there is no internet connection and hot water. However, mobile signal is available as usual.