St. Petersburg, Russia
“It’s all about serenity and peace”

In our first trip to Thailand, this was one of the most memorable things we did – taking the trip to Kanchanaburi. After a long trip by bus with a few stops here and there to give some rest to legs, we arrived to a pier where we got on board of boats and were taken to the floating hotel.
I should say that nothing in my life has ever been so amazing.
We certainly were notified that there is to be no electricity so all the phones should be charged beforehand. The hotel itself is a chain of rafts with a couple of rooms on each of them. The room had a shower room with a toilet, a balcony with a hammock where you can relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere around you, and enough space for two people. The decor seemed very exotic for me. Each raft also had some chaise longues and more hammocks. Green pot plants were everywhere along the borders of each raft.
The beds were very cozy and had a kind of mesh canopy not to be bitten by mosquitos.
The river murmur makes it even more peaceful.
The dinner served was quite what we are accustomed to in my country – it was not spicy at all. Later in the evening we were offered to have a brief introduction of the Mon culture and could listen to their native music and enjoy a traditional Mon dance.
When it got dark, you can imagine how many stars one could see above – one can barely have such a view staying in a city. Oil lamps hanging around gave an unforgettable feeling.
We were also curious to try some Mon massage and it turned out that this technique was very different from what one may call Thai massage. And I enjoyed it much more, especially taking into considerating the atmosphere created by the nature’s sounds, oil lamps.
In the morning you can enjoy a walk along the Mon village with their school, temple and see how people live there.
This is not only a must-visit place. This is a place to return to again and again to find that inner peace and harmony and to meditate. This time we were too far from it but I’ll certainly come back.



Singapore, Singapore
“It’s absolutely amazing”

The setting could not have been more ideal, right on the river kwai in the middle of nowhere, forest as far as your eyes can see. I spent hours sitting down by the river, feet in the water, enjoying a cold ice beer. Very eco-friendly, no electricity, phone network won’t usually work, so you can really forget everything else and just appreciate the nature and it’s beauty.

Hamburg, Germany
“Paradise in the middle of the jungle”

I love this place! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the hammock on the deck of you floating room and watching the river running by with the beautiful green mountains in the background. We literally slept on the river, with the water flowing underneath the float and hearing nothing but the sound of the jungle. There is no electricity on the floats and I didn’t miss it at all. It was so relaxing. A true back to the basics experience.
In the evening we had some cocktails in the also floating restaurant and they were great and very affordable. Dinner was included in our tour package and our tour guide even arranged separate delicious vegetarian dishes for me as well.
The whole resort is just wonderful as is the surrounding! We went for a stroll to the Mon village as well and I really enjoyed the calm atmosphere and experiencing the authentic culture there. During the day the village is a bit empty, because many of the inhabitants work on the rafts. However you will see kids playing – or going to the lovely school, which you can also visit.
My personal highlights: the elephants and the river jump(s)!
We saw the elephants bathing right next to the bridge from the rafts to the village and even got to touch them. On our way back one elephant was blocking the bridge with his trunk but could be convinced to move it with some fruits. : )
The river jump is another thing, you should definitely do! Put on a life jacket, walk all the way to the top of the rafts and jump in the river. It is so refreshing and fun. You just have to make sure you catch hold of the last ladder. : )
Loved it and hope I can go back there soon!